Precious gems are profoundly buried in the earth and can only be extracted at the expense of great labour. Gems cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials... Remember, diamonds are created under pressure. We believe that EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER ALL Empowerment comes from recognising self-worth and confidence through the continuous attainment of knowledge and skills, by overcoming obstacles and serving mankind. We hope to empower women to take charge of their lives to secure a brighter future for themselves and their family, in this lifetime and the next. A happy home starts from us. Be part of this movement as we, hand-in-hand, accompany you throughout this journey...


“Life at its best is a series of challenges. A big enough challenge will bring out strength and abilities you never knew you had. Take on challenges and you will bring yourself to life.”

What is G.E.M.S?

GEMS Empowering Me Series, is a series of fun and easy challenges across different elements, especially tailored to simulate life’s obstacles through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. G.E.M.S hopes to EMPOWER participants with essential PARALLEL life skills, help to identify and remove any mental obstacles, bring clarity and renewed confidence in themselves and their ability to make decisions and conquer life’s challenges.


Conducted outdoors, Participants will learn to enhance their spiritual practice, develop a heightened self-awareness and expand their comfort zone. All they have to do is participate in the activities. The more skills they attain, the more confidence garnered. All activities will be conducted as a group to foster social support with command opportunities to develop leadership skills.

It's a race against our own... More often than not, the ONLY obstacle in our life is ourselves. 

To be a Pearl in Paradise, one needs to be a Women of Wellness,
a woman who encapsulates all elements of wellness holistically. And the only way to attain that is with Knowledge.

"Whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge, Allah makes his way easy to paradise.” (Bukhari)

"Read... In the name of your Lord who has created" 96:1
Islam has given great importance to the process of seeking knowledge. Infact, seeking beneficial knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim (Ahmad). Whoever seeks knowledge and help other people to learn will get unaccountable rewards from Allah ﷻ. He will grant him high ranks in this world and the Hereafter. "Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have been granted knowledge to high ranks." 58:11

Teaching others is one of the good deeds that will get us great rewards even after death. Whoever leaves behind beneficial knowledge will get rewards as long as people are still getting benefits from his knowledge. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “When a man dies all his deeds comes to an end except for three: an ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who prays for him.” (Bukhari)


Here, we will provide a flow of information by chapters and related articles. We will also share lessons learnt with hopes that you will benefit from it as much as we have.


Things that definitely happened

POPWOW Established

June 2013

Commencement of weekly classes for Pilates, personal coaching and group fitness and Wellness services


9 February  2014

5km Marina Barrage.

Monthly Activities

12 Apr - Tree Top Walk 15km MacRitchie
25 May - Heights Confidence Forest Adventure 15 June - Mangrove Kayaking Pulau Ubin

Weekly activities includes Aqua Confidence


October 2015

World WOW RUN conducted in four countries


08 October 2017

7km Punggol Waterway

Ladies Retreat

12 Jan 2018

KTM Resort at Batam
Spa , Wellness & Shopping!

Kembara Rinjani

1 - 5 May 2018

Gunung RInjani, Lombok (5 Couples)
Sembalun Madrasah Fundraising $3k
Gunung Pulai, Pulau Ubin, Southern Ridges, MacRitchie, BTH, Puaka Road

Project Refugee Skudai

10 - 16 June 2018

Syawal Fundraising for Madrasah and 40 families
Ramadhan Iftar

Commencement of Spartan Training

July - Oct 2018

MBS, Woodlands Waterfront, Pasir Ris, Eunos, ECP

GEMS 1: Wall Climbing

19 Aug 2018

Climb Central Kallang Wave Mall

GEMS 2: Nature Walk 20km

09 September 2018

Bukit TImah

GEMS 3: Heights Confidence

16 September 2018

High elements, freefall and Zipline at Mega Adventure


13 October 2018

13km 25 Obstacles Sentosa

GEMS 5: Nitewalk 35km

29 October 2018

Sleep can wait... Changi Village to Gardens by the Bay

Misi Batam Retreat

07 October 2018

Spa, food & Shopping
Fundraising Orphanage $1k

GEMS 6: Kelong Jump & Sea Expedition

25 November 2018

Peers Outdoor & Pulau Ubin

GEMS 7&8: Land Expedition &
Final Challenge

16-17 Dec 2018

Navigation Challenge in search of Gems and overcoming a series of obstacles


26 January 2019

5km 20 Obstacles

GEMS Training

03 Feb Trail Run Coney Island
23 Feb Nite Run in Town
29 Feb Zoo Run 12km

Training together keeps us Stronger

GEMS Roadtrip 1

2-3 March 2019

Malaysia Women's Marathon, Petaling Jaya
SPARTAN Super Semenyih

NASHATA Sisterhood Fun Run

10 March 2019

A celebration of Sisterhood... 3.5km Run in Pink! at Marina Bay Sands. We had cake, balloons and a whole lot of fun. Presented GEMS Award (2018) to Mdm Sumarne for her awesome performance and contribution.

GEMS 1: Wall Climbing

16 March 2019

Climb Central Novena Square

GEMS Training

31 Mar Trail Run at MacRitchie
31 Mar Spartan Obstacles Training at AMK
07 Apr Mizuno Ladies Run 7km at Clarke Quay
07 Apr 2XU Half Marathon

GEMS 2: Paintball Tournament

20 April 2019

6 Awesome Teams competed for the inaugural title of GEMS Paintball Champion held at Red Dynasty. MPV was presented to the youngest player

WOW RUN Promo Booth

13-21 April 2019
13 Apr Trail Run BTH
21 Apr Trail Run 12km MR

Sponsored booth at Wisma Geylang Serai


27 April 2019

Muddiest Sprint ever at Yio Chu Kang with lil Gems

MetaSprint Triathlon

28 April 2019

First time triathletes Gems! East Coast Park

GEMS 3b: Forest Force 15/25km 

05 May 2019

Eve of Ramadhan, Bukit Timah/Mandai where we achieved new limits

GEMS Store

May 2019

Our first store and meeting place at Scape
Pilates, every Tuesdays
Kickboxing, every Saturdays

BiiB Ramadhan Challenge

14-27 May 2019

Featured in Berita MediaCorp
14-day 2km Challenge fundraising for FEED

Watch video here

GEMS 4: Sea Expedition

29 June 2019

Kelong Jump and Mangrove Kayaking at Peers Outdoor

Coaches Emsemble

04 July 2019

BBQ & Networking with fellow coaches at Peers Outdoor

OE Conference

05-06 July 2019

Invited by OBS to conduct a workshop  at ITE East
"Making OE More Appealing to the Minority"

Caving Challenge

21 July 2019
07 July Run Clinic at Yishun Stadium
14 July Trail Run 12km MR
21 July Run Clinic at Gombak Stidium

Fear of Darkness and Confined Spaces put to the optimal test!

GEMS Roadtrip 2

27 July 2019

Waterfall Abseiling, Gunung Muntahak 35pax
SAS Adventure

SPARTAN Super+Sprint

03 August 2019

Awesome race at Bukit Timah with Phoenixes and Powerpuff Girls

National Day Run

09 August 2019

5.4km Run through town and ending at MBS to power Nasi Lemak and Fireworks to celebrate the nation's 54th birthday

GEMS 6: Nature Nite Walk

16-17 August 2019

A medley of ayatul Qursi and various supplications
Dairy Farm/ Mandai Track 15

Shape Run

25 August 2019
24 Aug GE Women's IPPT
18 Aug WR19 Recce

Best Dressed Group!

GEMS Roadtrip 3

07-08 September 2019

Mandiri Bintan Marathon
Day Tripper 10km
Mosque Fundraising $10k
Goody bag for Orphans

Watch video here

Race Pack Collection

21-22 September 2019

Awesome time meeting the participants. SCAPE


29 September 2019

This year we made WOW RUN as part of G.E.M.S to be part of the organising committee
7.9km The Punggol Settlement - Coney Island

Appreciation Dinner 2

18 October 2019


Vertical Marathon

23  October 2019
27 Oct Interval Training at Sembawang Park
23 Oct Stairs training at Dawson
12 Oct CSC Run by the Bay

GEMS Medals to all our new Special friends
39 Stories 1300 Steps Fraser Tower
9 Teams. Top 3

GEMS 8: Heights Confidence

09 November 2019

High elements, Freefall & Zipline at Mega Adventures

GEMS Roadtrip 4

16 November 2019

SPARTAN Beast (TRIFECTA) Iskandar Putri