Salam Ladies! Are you ready?

This weekend's race is the first of 3 races in the #journeyto21km series.

Here are the instructions:

START POINT: The start and end point will be at the promenade of Waterway Point. Refer to the link for the start point.

There is NO BAG DEPOSIT counter.

What to wear? Celebrating International Women's Month, we would like to invite you to wear PINK 

RUN TIME: The race is between 6.30 am to 12.30pm. You may just start the race on your own or in a group of not more than 8pax. You may start anytime within the duration given. You must finish the race by 12.30pm. No attendance taken before run. JOIN CHALLENGE and proceed to run

RUN ROUTE: 10KM Please refer to the running route. You must follow the designated route, in order (anti-clockwise direction with reference to the Punggol Waterway) and complete the distance that you registered for.

3KM: Please run on the same route and U-Turn at the 1.5km point.

RUN APP: Please download the PACER app and Join E!MPOWERED WOW RUN 2021 challenge. The top 3 fastest runners will be chosen from the leaderboard. You must clock your distance and timing via this app to be eligible for top 3 positions. There are no awards for 3km runners.

PACER LINK10km Participants 

PACER LINK3km Participants 

Run with Audio Guide
Download RUNGO
Apple Store     Play Store
This app run best while using earpieces/headphones
GPS must be allowed ON all the time
Must keep the app OPEN all the time


Hydrate well and have sufficient rest before the run.

Do not indulge in strenuous activity 1 day before the race.

Have a good breakfast and bring along energy gels/bars if needed.

Ensure you eat well during the week.

There will not be any water point along the way.

Please bring sufficient water to sustain yourself throughout the run.

You may only remove your mask when you start running.

Please adhere to all prevailing COVID-19 regulations throughout the event.

Please run with a buddy and look out for one another.

Please be wary of other park users especially bicycles and PFDs.

In the event of inclement weather (Heavy rain with low visibility and/or Lightning), please seek shelter at the nearby blocks or pavilions. You may pause your running app and resume once the weather clears.

ENTITLEMENTS: Upon completion, please proceed to Punggol Townsquare to collect your limited-edition E! WOW RUN Tote bag/ Tote Backpack and refreshments. Please keep the social distance while collecting your entitlements.

World Down Syndrome Day
To commemorate this day and to show our support for all with DS and their caregivers, a kind sponsor has sponsored all runners with a pair of colourful socks! Remember to wear the socks (symbolising chromosomes) which will be given after the run and post on your social media, include #RockYourSocks and tag @downsyndromesingapore

We look forward to meet all of you this Sunday. We know that most of you have trained well for this race. Do enjoy the company and scenery and remember to take awesome pictures! Tag @gems.movement #strongertogether #empoweredwomenofwellness

See you at the finishing line...

All the best! ❤ GEMS Singapore

Getting to the START Point

From Punggol MRT - Exit A, enter main entrance of Waterway Point and down the Boardwalk via escalator. Do not enter the malls (East/West Wings).  Walk straight down to the Promenade facing the waterway. You may start the race at the "Police Signboard". Join Challenge in PACER app and start running.

How to get to Waterway Point?


Map - OntheGoMap Link


WWP Promenade
Warm up. Ensure that you have sufficient water to sustain for 10km. There are toilets and vending machines along the way if you need to top up


Join Challenge in PACER App and start running. The river should be on your left.


Punggol SAFRA


U-Turn point for 3km Runners Blk 679C


Oasis Terraces


Keep left and cross Sunrise Bridge

3a. Top of Sunrise Bridge

Picture time!

3b. Critical Junction

Turn RIGHT after Sunrise Bridge

3c. Critical Junction

After turning RIGHT, you should see the Red Bridge on your right


Coney Island at the farbank


Cross this bridge

5a. Critical Junction

TURN left after crossing the bridge

5b. Critical Junction

After turning left, the canal should be on your left


Follow the track towards your right


Run under Punggol Rd Flyover and Kelong Bridge. Lookout Tower is ahead to your right. Approaching Punggol SAFRA on the farbank to your left

7a. Fountain Lake

Picture time!


Waterway Point should be on the farbank to your left


Keep right and cross Jewel Bridge

9a. Top of Jewel Bridge

Picture time!

9b. Critical Junction

Follow the track and run straight towards Waterway Point

9c. A Love Story under the bridge

Picture time!

Last 100m!

Run straight towards the END Point!


Congratulations! You have just completed 10km. SAVE PACER and proceed to Punggol Townsquare to collect your entitlements

Getting to Punggol Townsquare

We seek your cooperation to abide to all prevailing COVID-19 SMM regulations while collecting your entitlements.

Remember to conduct a cool down stretch

We hope you enjoy the run!



10KM Runners

Tote Backpack

3km Runners

Tote Bag


Heavenly Ice Pops!
Drinks & Other Goodies

Your running route at a glance...