As we move forward to 2021, we are thankful that Singapore seems to be recovering and we are looking forward to a complete recovery as we embrace the new normal. Alhamdulillah

However, there are many, still struggling to make ends meet. The rest of the world is still in jeopardy and fighting strong to combat the pandemic. Let's extend a helping hand to ease their burden.

We seek your kind support to help us raise $16,000 for the following:
Water Filters for Cambodia
$2000 to help 50 families

Tahfiz Centres in Indonesia
$2000 for Quran & living essentials

Groceries for Philippines
$2000 for street feeding & villages

Groceries for Malaysia
$2000 to assist 40 families

Funds for Iftar in Singapore
$2000 for mosques and street distribution

Groceries for Singapore
$6000 for 300 Bags
(Distribution in June 2021) 


Your kind contribution will definitely help to bring hope and joy to their daily lives. You may contribute any amount and may indicate which cause you prefer to channel your contributions to. 

Collection Date: Feb to June 2021
Together We Care, Together We Share

May Allah make ease our affairs

❤ GEMS Singapore
Project Payung

To contribute, Scan QR Code or PAYNOW to: 
Efah 8183 5954
Norita 9762 0709
Siti 9234 9263
Haslina 9784 4029
Angel 9880 5854