Let the Journey Begin

Before you start...

For your safety, Please keep these measures in mind


Beware of vehicular traffic and bicycles

Keep left while walking on the road

Follow the route given and visit each checkpoint accordingly

Heighten awareness and keep your eyes on the road

Submit group photo at every Checkpoint


Stay on track

Do not carry plastic bags in your hand

If encounter wild boars or monkeys, do not provoke or feed them. Walk past them calmly and do not look straight into their eyes


Is it your responsibility to Maintain social distance. Stay in your group of 5.

Do not mingle with other groups. Minimum 3m gap between groups

Hydrate yourself, sanitise and wash hands when possible

Tap water in Pulau Ubin is NOT POTABLE


Follow the map and the directions below to find all the checkpoints (CP). Collect the GEMS Alphabets (CLUES) hidden around the checkpoints

Report to Organiser at every checkpoint IMMEDIATELY  with a group photo via WhatsApp
Every group to submit photos of 5 animals/insects and 5 flowers
Link to Map HERE

CP 1

"Welcome to Pulau Ubin" Entrance Melah Cafe

Turn left and walk 200m. You may want to buy drinks and snacks from the shops.

CP 2

Assembly Area

Walk 300m to Butterfly Hill. You may use this place to plan your route and have breakfast.

CP 3

Butterfly Hill Sign

Walk 340m to your next checkpoint. 

CP 4

Junction of Jalan Jelutong  & Jalan Batu Ubin

Proceed 500m to Ah Ma Drink Stall.

CP 5

Ah Ma Drink Stall

Continue 350m to Merbah Hut

CP 6

Merbah Hut

Hike up 300m to the peak of Puaka Hill.

CP 7

Peak of Puaka Hill

Please go not go beyond the railings and do not take too much time at the peak to make way for the oncoming teams. Proceed to walk 700m to the next checkpoint

CP 8

Rest Point (Restroom)

Keep yourself Hydrated! Walk 680m to the next fork

CP 9

Ketam Mountain Bike Park Sign (Fork: Jalan Wat Senin)

Follow the road to the left and continue to walk 850m to the highest point in Pulau Ubin

CP 10

Ketam Mountain Bike Park Entrance

You are halfway done! Take a rest and enjoy the beauty at the top of the hill. Stretch your legs before proceeding to walk 1.6km to the shrine

CP 11

German Girl Shrine

Return to main track and continue to walk 2.5km straight tp CP 4. Please do not attempt this CP if there are many cyclists

CP 12

Junction of Jalan Jelutong & Jalan Batu Ubin

Take the left route and walk 970m to Belatok Hut.
Note: There is only ONE clue here. Same as CP 4

CP 13

Belatok Hut

Last stretch! Fight on the last 680km to the End Point

CP 14

Assembly Area

ALHAMDULILLAH You made it! Take a rest but this is not the end.
Note: There is only ONE clue here. Same as CP 2


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Take the first letter of every answer to form a secret sentence with the letters you found at the checkpoints


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