We are counting down to the first night run!
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RACE DATE: 26 MARCH 2022 between 6pm to 12 midnight

Race Route

Participants are to complete 10km anywhere around Marina Bay / Marina Promenade Area, within the event date and time. As this is a night run, the designated area is to ensure that the running area is not secluded and with enough human traffic during the stipulated day (Saturday) and timing. Participants may choose the recommended routes below or design your own route.



Please choose a well-lit route with good human traffic

Safety marshals will be cycling along the routes to render assistance if required. Please call Efah @ 81835954

In any emergency, pls call 995

PAR-Q stands for Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. It is designed for individuals to find out more about their physical ability before engaging in any physical activity. It helps an individual to assess oneself if they are fit for the activity at that particular moment.

It only takes approximately 3 minutes to fill up the questionnaire. It is an easy and convenient way to do some self-assessment before any activity.

The PAR-Q is designed for and more applicable for users age 15 to 69 years old. Should you fall below 15 years old, caregiver should provide appropriate advice. If you are above 69 years old, you should consult your doctor and seek his advice and clearance before participating in any form of exercise and activity.



Hydrate well and have sufficient rest before the run.

Follow all medical instructions given to you by your doctor/medical personnel.

Do not indulge in strenuous activities 1 day before the race.

Have a good meal and bring along energy gels/bars if needed.

Ensure you eat well during the week.

Public restrooms can be found in CBD area

Please bring sufficient water to sustain yourself throughout the run.

You may only remove your mask when you start running.

Please adhere to all prevailing COVID-19 regulations throughout the event.

Please run with a buddy and look out for one another.

Please be wary of other park users especially bicycles and PMDs.

In the event of inclement weather (Heavy rain with low visibility and/or Lightning), please seek shelter at the pavilions or nearby buildings. You may pause your running app and resume once the weather clears

Stay home if you are suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms.

Submission & Entitlements

Participants are required to present the completed route on any running app to collect your entitlements. Please submit the details here.

Top 3 Runners
1st - $100 voucher
2nd - $75 voucher
3rd - $50 voucher

Prizes waiting for TOP 20 runners!
Special prize category for MOST GLOW UP Runner

1. Proceed to Red Dot Museum

2. Present your completed results to Race Officials

3. Collect entitlements as directed at Marina Bay Open Carpark